Beauty Secrets Of Sally Field Revealed

Sally field is one of the most popular actors of television as well as of the film industry. She is a multi talented woman because along with acting, she is also known as a well known director who has directed many hit films. She is now 70 years old but still looks very young and has wrinkle free face. Many people wonder how she has managed to do so because at such an age it is almost impossible for a person to hide their wrinkles but she has been able to do so.

Many rumors were there according to which Sally Field had undergone a surgery in order to look young. This rumor created a lot of buzz due to which Sally Field turned to a talk show where she said that the surgery news is a rumor and she would never go under the knife for looking beautiful. Finally, she revealed her beauty secret in which she gave credit to Dr. Oz. She said that the anti-aging cream made by him helped her to overcome the wrinkles and also made her skin look younger. She also introduced Sally Field anti aging wrinkle cream for the people who want to overcome the problem of aging.  This anti-aging cream is now easily available in the market and one can purchase it without any trouble. With this cream, the men and women both will be able to overcome the signs of aging. She also told that the cream that she used is available under the name nouvalift.

Useful ingredients in anti-aging cream

There are many ingredients which are added in the anti aging cream in order to make the cream useful and affective against the wrinkles. Here are the main components of the cream.

Proprietary Biosphere – this is the first substance of this cream. It deeply penetrates into the skin and works on the damaged cells. This helps the skin to gain the necessary proteins that will result in a fairer and wrinkle free skin. Even in the research, it is proved that proprietary biosphere is very beneficial for the wrinkled faces. It will reduce the fine lines to almost 70 to 80% and help you to regain your younger look and natural beauty again.

Dr. Oz said that because of the proprietary biosphere nouvalift anti aging cream can prove to be very effective. Nouvalift anti aging is also one of the fewest cream available in the market in which proprietary biosphere is added. So, one can get this cream to get the celeb like gorgeous looks.

Argireline – this is the second substance used in the nouvalift anti aging cream. Dr. Oz tells that Argireline is combined with proprietary biosphere for the best and quick results. Right combination of the ingredients can work as a wonder on the skin and provide miraculous effects. Dr. Oz also said that the use of this combination will cut your age half that is you will almost look like as if you are still in your youth. Argireline can also help your skin to get over from various skin problems such as dryness, irritation and more.

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