Challenging Standards Of Beauty

Not many women of this present era have a 100% self-confidence in today’s society. It is because of the reason of the presence of “beauty standards” which have suffered the women of all ages and every class.

Those set beauty standards have picked up some few women with “perfect” body and have overgeneralized it to all other women out there. This has devastated the inner beauty of women and dragoon them to enter in the race of looking beautiful and meeting up with the modern day society “beauty standards.”

This race ends up with no winner but a lost self-esteem, lost self-worth and hating oneself and especially hating one’s body.

There is a lot of difference in treating the women and men in today’s world. Men are treated well due to their capabilities, but women are treated well because of their good looks and alluring body. Abilities and skills of women are not given a chance to show their talents and strengths.

Beauty is just set and considered for women. Whenever the word beauty or attractiveness comes the first thought in mind comes about women, not of men who are equally beautiful but are judged more on the basis of their abilities not due to their beauty.

The women body is a standard of beauty, and these so called standards have made many of the women very uncomfortable. These implausible standards do have very negative effects on physiological and psychological health as well as it causes some serious self-esteem, self-worth, and personal wellbeing problems.

Nearly each and every woman tries to change herself, not being 100% satisfied with the present situation of our body. Despite being beautiful and attractive and having a good dress to wear most of the women feels there is something still lacking in their life and bodily exquisiteness. They always are dissatisfied with their looks because they do compare themselves to a specific set of beauty standards.

Now, it is a time to challenge those beauty standards and stand against them.

Just blindly following the race of beauty, we should consider our uniqueness and individuality and not be the part of that race.

What are beauty standards?

Beauty standards are some set rules and regulations which make a standard, and these set standards are made by some cluster of people. These people practice some fashion skills then media advertise those fashion techniques, and it becomes a fashion or standard. Same is true for dressing and body-image. “Perfect” bodies are those which are shown through media, and then people starts following them and make it a standard.

How to challenge beauty standards?

Know your value:

Your individuality and uniqueness is only the thing which is only particular for yourself. Nobody other than you, have that individuality so always try to value those distinct, individual features of yours which make YOU.

Have some knowledge:

Try to have some knowledge about present day and historical standards of fashion and beauty. Through this knowledge, you can quickly come to know that how these standards changed from time to time which means that these are not reliable. So, following those standards is nothing but a waste of time.

Have some discussion:

Try to discuss and elaborate your point of view about body image with others and try to settle the argument about the beauty standards and try that other concede with your point of view at the end of the day.

Have some affirmations:

Try to assure yourself that you are beautiful and elegant. Whenever you look in a mirror, always try to say one positive thing about yourself e.g. ‘you are looking gorgeous today.”

saying this to yourself in the mirror with a lively smile on your face could boost your standard and enhance your self-worth thus affecting overall day of yours.

Through these and some other things, we could challenge these set standards and let us feel more beautiful.


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